In this episode of our podcast, we explore the continuing migration crisis in Europe. The recent stand-off between Italy and France, both refusing to allow the Ocean Viking to dock on their shores to transfer informal migrants rescued off the coast of Libya, has pushed the issue back to the fore. Where does European migration policy actually stand right now? What has become of European solidarity since the tough trial of the Syrian refugee crisis of 2015? How did we come to have vulnerable migrants caught in a legal no man's land?
We'll be exploring the issue and looking for answers with José Antonio Moreno Díaz, member of the European Economic and Social Committee's Workers' Group and a lawyer specialising in migration and asylum; Louise Guillaumat, deputy operations manager at SOS Méditerranée, the NGO that operates the Ocean Viking and winner of the EESC 2016 Civil Society Price, and Tomas Miglierina, Brussels-based correspondent for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, with specialist knowledge of migration.