Stefano Mallia takes over as President of the EESC Employers' Group

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Stefano Mallia takes over as the new President of the EESC Employers' Group for the first half of the 2020 to 2025 term of office following his confirmation at the EESC Employers' Group Inaugural meeting on 27 October. During his presidency, Mr Mallia will work towards ensuring that Europe and the Single Market in particular continue to provide opportunities for employers to grow and be successful.

Mr Mallia has been a member of the Maltese delegation to the EESC since 2010 and held different positions i.a. as Vice-President of the Employers' Group and President of the Brexit follow-up Committee within the EESC. Outside of the EESC, he is Partner at the economic analysis and business consultancy EMCS Ltd and former President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. Over the years he has carried out assignments for the European Commission, the Government of Malta as well as private enterprises. His area of expertise lies in EU Structural Funds and SME financing.

In his inauguration speech, Mr Mallia emphasized that the clear focus in the coming months will be first to help businesses survive the COVID crisis and then to construct a recovery, which has to take advantage of the harsh lessons being learned during the COVID crisis.  Mr Mallia added that “in addition to the Covid crisis there are other challenges we must face up to such as the impact of Brexit and the implications of the elections in the USA”.  He is convinced that the businesses that will manage to face up to these challenges and succeed will be key to the recovery of the EU economy as a whole.

Mr Mallia added that there is also a larger and even more important challenge ahead - climate change. This challenge will force European businesses to embark on a transition to a cleaner economy.  He however added that such a transition “must take place in an economically sustainable manner because if not planned well, this opportunity could very well turn into a negative”. It is within this dynamic that digitalization can play an important part. Furthermore, a legislative environment is needed that allows enterprise to grow and prosper whilst, at the same time, encouraging sustainable methods of production and the sustainable delivery of services.

The EESC and the Employers' Group must become the natural partner of the other EU institutions when it comes to discussing the European economy. "The specialized knowledge and the vast diversity of experience of the Employers' Group members will allow us to engage in a professional manner with EU institutions, and to contribute towards the work of the European Parliament and the Commission in particular", stressed Mr Mallia.  At the same time, the members of the Employers' Group will make sure that the decisions taken in Brussels are communicated in a clear way to employers in their home countries.


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