Culture, Art and Politics

At the European Economic and Social Committee we see culture as a drive towards systemic change. The purpose of our cultural activities is to become a vehicle for transformation and to stimulate interactivity and active engagement, both individual and collective. We do this by linking our cultural activities to key topical issues of societal, historical, economic, humanitarian or political interest and of national or European concern. 

Art and culture are considered to be one of the pillars in which the European vision of "United in Diversity" becomes realistic and finds embodiment.

You are invited to discover some of our most successful examples of this in this Culture Corner, which hosts our most prominent virtual art exhibitions.

Expo "The EU speaks your language".

Expo "Refuge: Private worlds in exile" by the French photographer Bruno Fert.

 Expo "Artivism for Gender Equality" to commemorate the International Women's Day.




  Expo "Hand in Hand" by the artist Maria Reis Rocha.