Derechos sociales

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  • The Workers’ Group of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is following with great concern the situation unfolding in the Federative Republic of Brazil. There have been serious attacks on the social, labour and trade union rights of Brazilian workers: a very tough labour reform that harms the social dialogue, hard won social rights have been cut, independent media have been closed and Brazil’s young democracy, obtained after 20 years of dictatorship (1964-1984), is threatened.

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    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has used an own-initiative opinion to call for sufficient funding resources to be put in place for implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights. Adopted at its plenary session on 19 April 2018, the opinion calls for improvements in the Member States and a robust commitment in terms of budget, investment and current spending to make the Social Pillar a reality.

  • In this era of digitalisation and globalisation, the EESC is calling for major efforts to implement balanced policies that put social, economic and environmental sustainability on an equal footing

    To overcome the new imbalances and inequalities that have widened not only between the EU's different regions but also between social classes, genders and generations in European society, European policy-makers should ensure that social sustainability is taken into account in all their policies, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) said at its last plenary.

  • Lessons learned

    El CESE presenta una serie de medidas para evitar la severidad de la austeridad en el futuro y mitigar los efectos negativos de la gestión de crisis anteriores

    En el futuro, la gestión de las crisis debería aspirar a conseguir un mayor equilibrio entre los objetivos sociales y fiscales para evitar los efectos negativos en la capacidad económica, los mercados laborales y los sistemas de protección social de los países afectados. En lugar de imponer una austeridad restrictiva, en las futuras situaciones de crisis las instituciones de la UE deberían aplicar políticas en pro de la cooperación económica, el crecimiento y la solidaridad.

  • EESC opinion on driving and rest time periods, working time and posting of workers

  • The Employers' Group did not support the EESC opinion on driving and rest time periods, working time and posting of workers (TEN/637). For the Group, the opinion did not sufficiently reflect differences of views in the Committee concerning the Commission's proposal on the posting of workers.

  • Declaration of the EESC Workers' Group

  • EU Youth test_EN

    Public debate The EESC's EU Youth Test and its implementation in opinions of the ECO section, organised during the ECO section meeting.

  • Partnership event co-organised by the EAPN and the EESC Civil Society Organisations' Group