Study on Skills mismatches – an impediment to the competitiveness of EU businesses


In the light of current industrial developments and trends – widespread digitalisation, Industry 4.0, fast-changing business models, globalisation and free movement of people – human resources with relevant skills are a key factor in companies' competitiveness. However, a growing number of companies across the EU report that skills mismatches are amongst the top challenges hindering their success. As well as being an important asset for businesses, skills are also a critical asset for individuals and societies in general.

Recent research suggests that many industrialised countries no longer compete on low salaries but instead focus on quality, requiring the availability of world-class infrastructure, consistency from authorities and, most importantly, access to a properly educated and skilled workforce.


The study will inter alia aim to shed more light on the most severe skills mismatches jeopardising competitiveness, productivity and innovation in the EU and the Member States now and in the future, looking at both the long and short term. It should first and foremost look into the determinants of skills mismatches and the factors shaping them, such as policy-induced or policy-related distortions to labour mobility as well as individual and job characteristics.

The study should thus identify as objectively as possible the qualitative and quantitative dimensions of skills mismatches in Europe and their impact on competitiveness, productivity and innovation.

Languages/geographical area

In addition to covering skills mismatches in the EU in general, as requested above, the study should ideally also include a more in-depth country-specific analysis of at least five Member States (to be selected from a list of countries provided in the tender specifications). In any case, the geographical coverage of the study should be balanced and take into account the divergences between Member States.

The study should be written in English and be representative of the EU Member States in terms of geographical balance and accession date.


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Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 23:59