Social media analysis tools & services

Since 2010 the EESC as a body representing European organised civil society towards the European Union institutions has been actively engaged in developing online communication in the area of social media, with the aim of taking advantage of the channels as popular and versatile tools for:

  • Direct and targeted promotion
  • Immediate and targeted information
  • Monitoring trends, opinions and peer activity
  • Feedback from and engagement with stakeholders
  • Development of contacts and networks

In order to improve the performance of the EESC's social-media activities and obtain continuous and relevant statistical feedback, specific analysis tools must be available to the Communication Departement. The aim of the forthcoming call for tenders is therefore to purchase online customisable analysis services.



Send your expression of interest to participate or request for information to the following mail box (before the deadline mentioned below)


Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 17:00