Joint Submission to the 3rd Cycle of the Universal Periodic Review of Hungary on discrimination of Roma persons

The report on the discrimination of Roma people was the joint work of the Bódva-völgyi Közéleti Roma Nők egyesülete (Association of Roma women in public life in the Bódva valley area) and the Hungarian Civil Liberty Union.

The report draws the attention of the UN to the threats and damage that the coronavirus pandemic has caused to Roma families living in abject poverty, who in a lot of cases already lived in poor health, without financial reserves, protective equipment or information, and have been left behind to face the pandemic by themselves, as the Hungarian government has introduced no systematic, targeted measures to help this group. Besides that, the discrimination of Roma women in healthcare, the very frequent removal of Roma children from their families due to their poor circumstances, the Hungarian government’s openly anti-Roma, hateful communication in recent years, and the different obstacles in the enforcement of their rights – mostly due to the cancelling of the equal treatment referral network and the lack of effective legal assistance provided by the state – all remain unresolved issues.