Talent Mobility Package

In this opinion, the EESC underlines that is highly important for the EU Talent Pool to be a practical, reliable, easy to use tool that is attractive for workers and employers and supports fair and ethical legal labour migration into the EU. It insists that skills and competences of workers from third countries should be assessed and swiftly validated to ensure that their skills are certified and they can obtain their qualifications when necessary. The Committee calls on the Member States to ensure public investment in schools and educational institutions to ensure their capacity to provide quality and trustworthy guidance and advice on learning mobility opportunities supporting career development, lifelong learning. 

Practical information


One of the objectives of the new Pact on Migration and Asylum is to enhance legal pathways to the EU, while engaging partner countries strategically on migration management.

With the Talent Mobility Package the Commission aims provide a comprehensive policy framework to address labour shortages and support the EU’s transition towards a green and digital economy; to facilitate legal migration pathways as part of the EU’s comprehensive approach to migration and improve relations between the EU and key partner countries, while avoiding the risk of ‘brain drain; to improve the overall efficiency of labour migration management at EU level, in particular in terms of the timeliness and resource-implications of the different processes, including when it comes to speeding up the process of recognising the skills and qualifications of non-EU candidates.