Setting the course for a sustainable blue planet, an update of the international ocean governance agenda

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The EU has a leading role in the efforts to protect marine and ocean environments from increasing pollution, biodiversity loss and overfishing. The joint communication Setting the course for a sustainable blue planet defines 2022 as a pivotal year for the ocean and describes the actions the EU has been undertaking to improve international cooperation for the protection of the oceans, as well as the measures it has taken to combat overfishing domestically. It also sets out a framework for ocean sustainability by 2030 against the background of the EU's objective to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. A special attention is given to a legally binding Global Plastic Agreement to be reached by 2024 and to promoting the fulfilment of flag States responsibilities by those acting as open registers. Finally, the communication focuses on security and safety at sea, on promoting decent working conditions in the blue economy worldwide and on the necessary building-up of ocean knowledge.