Revision of the EU waste framework Directive

EESC opinion: Revision of the EU waste framework Directive

Key points

  • The organised European civil society welcomes the circular revision of the Waste Framework Directive on food and textile waste. Tackling food and textile waste must be a strategic priority for the EU. Not consumed and wasted food and unused textiles are not only waste, but also a serious environmental problem. The new directives should prioritise waste prevention, eco-design and improved recycling in order to reduce transport to landfills.
  • The introduction of the mandatory extended producer responsibility system, which enforces the "polluter pays" principle, will improve environmental protection and should boost waste recovery and reuse activities in the European Union by setting new rules and targets for textile waste. However, the Committee suggests to reconsidering the position whereby the protection of micro-enterprises takes precedence over the polluters-pays principle.
  • In relation to food waste prevention, the concept and terminology should be revised to ensure uniform interpretation of the law. Moreover, the Committee suggests that the reduction of food waste should only apply to preventable waste.