Promotion of Women's Entrepreneurship in the EUROMED Region

Promotion of Women's Entrepreneurship in the EUROMED Region

The opinion gives an overview of the current situation of women in the Euromed region and initiatives that have already been taken to strengthen the role of women in society and to promote women entrepreneurship. The future of women entrepreneurship in the Euromed region must be seen within the overall economic, political, social and familial context. The importance of education, information technologies and access to finance is emphasised.


In the opinion, the EESC urges the European Commission to take specific measures and promote women's entrepreneurship in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) National Action Plans. The EESC also recommends allocating more ENP funds to the development of women entrepreneurship and to give technical assistance to start-ups for women.


The opinion also recommends to better target women entrepreneurship in the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise.


The EESC believes that inter-ministerial cooperation and the involvement of other stakeholders, such as representatives of financial institutions, implementing agencies, representatives of business communities etc. in the exchange of views on priority areas, will produce more effective results in promoting women entrepreneurship.


The EESC therefore urges the strengthening of NGOs and socio-professional organisations working in the field of promoting economic activities among women through private/public partnerships.


The EESC finally recommends the setting up of a Euro-Med Platform for micro, small and medium size enterprises in the Euro-Med region that focus on areas in which female entrepreneurs encounter particular difficulties, supports and develops programmes for women entrepreneurs and takes action to strengthen the legal status of women developing their own business.