Mandatory due diligence

EESC opinion: Mandatory due diligence

Key Points


  • Affirms that it is time for the European Commission to act and propose legislation to the Member States and the European Parliament on mandatory due diligence that acknowledges responsibility based on current standards and offers a clear and secure legal framework for European businesses;
  • Believes that due diligence obligations should cover most notably environmental impacts. They should be considered of great importance for sustainable business conduct and be a high priority in global value chains;
  • Considers that a mandatory due diligence framework would be realised by an agreed standard that is enforced by proportionate, effective and dissuasive sanctions, whereas liability would have to be based on the violation of a clearly defined set of Human Rights;
  • Stresses that the following quality standards must be ensured in a binding legislative initiative:
    • clear definitions and comprehensible language;
    • ensuring legal certainty and practicability in particular on the applicable law, proportionate reporting requirements respecting legitimate businesses secrecy.

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