Key Actions towards a Single Market Act II

Key points:

  • The proposals for a Single Market Act II must not ignore the difficult situation in the EU resulting from the inability of several Member States to remedy their public deficits, prevailing stagnation of GDP and rising unemployment.
  • The Europe 2020 strategy should be the overall guideline for the development of the Single Market.
  • The preparation of the new set of proposals to enhance the Single Market should take into consideration the views of all stakeholders including civil society organisations and the social partners.
  • The measures to release the potential of the Single Market for businesses, consumers, citizens and other stakeholders should be taken mainly in the field of services, access to finance, removal of administrative burden for SMEs, e-commerce, digital Single Market and mobility. They should be accompanied by actions aimed at reinforcing consumer protection and confidence on the one hand and taking due account of the social aspects of the Single Market by supporting the social economy and respecting the need for social cohesion as well as citizens' rights and interests, on the other.

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