Harmonisation of consumer claims in cosmetic products

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EESC opinion: Harmonisation of consumer claims in cosmetic products

Key points:

The EESC considers that quick adoption of common criteria and practical guidance for cosmetic product claims will be beneficial for companies operating in the internal market, for consumers and for control bodies.

For this reason, the EESC welcomes the fact that the European Commission has already started work on the development of common criteria for cosmetic product claims and that common criteria guidelines are at an advanced stage of drafting.

According to Regulation No 1223/2009 on cosmetic products, the Commission should submit to the European Parliament and the Council a report regarding the use of claims on the basis of the adopted common criteria. The EESC considers, however, that the deadline for the submission of this report, set for July 2016, should be brought forward.

The EESC therefore calls on the Commission to speed up the process of adoption of the common criteria, so that the report can be prepared at least one year sooner.

The EESC calls on the Commission to consider using new guidelines on ethical and environmental marketing claims until such time as the ''green claims'' criteria are set by the International Standardisation Organisation.

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