Fiscalis for 2021-2027

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EESC opinion: Fiscalis for 2021-2027

Key Points:


  • welcomes the Commission proposal for a regulation on a new Fiscalis programme. National tax authorities still suffer from insufficient capacity and insufficient cooperation and it agrees that there is an urgent need to improve the operation of tax policy, including administrative cooperation and support to the tax authorities;
  • is concerned that the proposed budget of EUR 270 million may not suffice, considering the extensive programme proposed by the Commission and the rapid ongoing digitalisation. The Committee therefore recommends a mid-term review of the adequacy of the funding;
  • encourages the Commission to engage with Member States in developing a common basic training courses for tax authorities in order to improve the functioning of the single market;
  • believes that it is important that civil society at large becomes an active part of the Fiscalis programme.


Fiscalis overview - European Commission DG TAXUD.E.3