EU-Morocco Trade Relations

  • The EU is looking to reach Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements (DCFTAs) with a number of countries in the Euromed region, including Morocco.
  • The opinion will seek to examine how trade relations with the region can best be developed by means of a first example country, which is Morocco. Trade relations with Morocco stand out as a priority because the EU currently has the closest trade links with Morocco of all the countries in the region.
  • The opinion will possibly seek the setting up of mechanisms for civil society monitoring of the sustainable development chapter of the DCFTA involving civil society organisations of both parties, in order to enhance the application of sustainable development standards (social-labour, environmental, human rights) and also boost to Moroccan civil society's involvement in the trade agreement. This will help the EU to fulfil its promise of achieving a "partnership of shared prosperity" with the countries of the Euromed region.
  • The involvement of the our local partner the ESC of Morocco in the study group meetings is foreseen, as is the involvement of DG Trade, European Commission, and their external consultants on the trade sustainable impact assessment, Ecorys.