Consumer Product Safety / Regulation

EESC opinion: Consumer Product Safety / Regulation

Key points:


  • supports the Commission's proposal to establish a legal framework providing a high level of consumer protection and requiring consumer products to be safe;
  • considers a regulation to be the appropriate instrument for this consolidation of existing legal texts, bringing them into line with the new legislative framework for the marketing of products;
  • stresses the importance of using in the regulation terms that can be interpreted in the same vein in all the countries of the EU;
  • feels that, given the importance of standardisation in securing product safety, the Commission should increase support for consumer involvement in CEN and other similar bodies;
  • believes that the proposal is a very important protection measure for consumers in that it reduces the risks of injury or death, restoring confidence;
  • sees the need for transparency and a level playing field in commercial transactions so that those seeking to produce and sell dangerous products do not have an unfair advantage over competitors who shoulder the costs involved in making their products safe.

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