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Clean air for all (Communication)

EESC opinion: Clean air for all (Communication)

Key Points

  • The EESC considers that it is imperative to reduce pollution in the commercial, institutional, household and transport sectors. The institutions and Member States must set a good example here, and more support programmes must be set up to help individuals shift to clean, modern and more energy efficient forms of heating.  
  • The additional legislative measures proposed by the European Commission to remedy certain problems, such as Dieselgate, or action taken against Member States which have failed to comply with current rules on air pollution are a step in the right direction and the EESC endorses this approach.
  • The EESC firmly believes that the new environmental and transport regulations must be flanked by economic support measures to promote innovation and the development of new clean technologies, such as fuel cells, electric cars and alternative heating and ventilation systems.
  • International cooperation is crucial for combating pollution and climate change, and the EESC welcomes the broad consensus among Member States on meeting the Paris Agreement objectives. The exchange of good practices in this area and the Green Diplomacy Network are very important. Furthermore, specific measures are needed to reduce pollutants in the Member States in order to meet the Agreement's targets.


Presentation of the European Commission on Clean air for all - 1st study group of 13.9.2018