Artificial intelligence for Europe (communication)

EESC opinion: Artificial intelligence for Europe (communication)

Key points

The EESC believes that AI and automation processes have enormous potential to improve European society in terms of innovation and positive transformation, but they also pose significant challenges, risks and concerns.

In its opinion, the EESC:

  • would like to collaborate with the EU institutions in the analysis and evaluation of all the EU legislation on liability, product safety and civil responsibility;
  • agrees with the aim to strengthen the EU's industrial and technological capacity in order to spread AI across the internal market;
  • thinks that addressing the challenge of global competitiveness requires AI to be accessible to as many entities as possible;
  • is of the opinion that the European Commission and the Member States should work together to develop guidelines on artificial intelligence ethics and should involve all the relevant public and private stakeholders in this effort;
  • suggests that a clear, harmonised and mandatory legal framework be developed at the European level to duly regulate AI and to update the existing rules affected by AI;
  • highlights the role of educational training programmes in protecting European workers in an environment that is being profoundly changed by the gradual emergence of AI.

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