Advancing the EU's just transition policy framework: what measures are necessary

EESC opinion: Advancing the EU's just transition policy framework: what measures are necessary

Key points


  • sets out in this exploratory opinion the six key elements of a Just Transition Policy Framework (JTPF), accompanied by concrete short- and long-term measures;
  • stresses that a just transition should be high on the political agenda of the next EU legislature and enshrined in all EU institutions through a holistic, cross-sectoral and coherent approach, and proposes concrete actions, such as
    • the preparation and adoption of a "2050 EU Agenda",
    • the appointment of a Commissioner for Just Transition in the next legislature and
    • the setup of a Just Transition Observatory;
  • believes that the JTPF should be based on the principles of environmental sustainability, the right to a decent life and the protection of social values, and should aim to promote a sustainable economy that provides for the well-being of all within planetary boundaries, including through a comprehensive 2050 EU sustainable development strategy and the necessary reforms of the European Semester;
  • believes that the JTPF should preserve and further develop the European social model;
  • is convinced that the JTPF should be developed and implemented through meaningful social dialogue and collective bargaining, civil dialogue and the engagement of regional and local authorities. The EESC encourages the development of just transition plans at all levels, together with the protection and training of workers;
  • emphasises that the JTPF should be accompanied by EU policies that enable enterprises to become competitive in a fair way, sustainable, stronger and more resilient and to play their part in ensuring a just transition that is people-centred, responsive to local conditions, protects nature and the environment and seizes opportunities;
  • is convinced that adequate investment in a just transition is fundamental to realise the JTPF and suggests exploring the possibility of a golden rule and social and environmental conditionalities for investment, as well as reforming the European Stability and Growth Pact to monitor, coordinate and facilitate the spending and reforms needed to achieve the goal of a just transition.