Radio Anticorpi: when social commitment becomes contagious

Radio Anticorpi (Radio Antibodies) was a response to COVID-19 set up by the Italian association Casetta Rossa. It is a Facebook radio channel from the red zones in northern Italy and it aims to combat social isolation and bring the community together through a shared space for information, culture and entertainment. Spokesperson Maya Vetri explains the philosophy behind the project to EESC Info.

What prompted you to start your project or initiative?

Radio Anticorpi was inspired by the need to combine a daily act of solidarity with a light-hearted but meaningful socio-cultural perspective on events, based on the sharing of information and all kinds of knowledge, at all levels. This positive and constructive attitude has helped to make our community stronger and more united and helped us to cope with a widespread feeling of fear and loneliness in daily life.

How has your project been received? Have you obtained any feedback from the people you helped?

The feedback was positive and mentioned, in particular, the originality, creativity and the timeliness we showed in dealing with the current pandemic situation. Examples include the comments we received praising the programmes on the Facebook page and the huge number of "#dajechepassa" t-shirts purchased. These t-shirts were made by the radio channel to send out a message of community spirit and to raise funds for the emergency.

How will you use this specific funding to provide further help in the community? Are you already planning any new projects?

We want to continue investing in training and information for the benefit of the community. We will most probably therefore plan the launch of a fully-fledged radio channel and scholarships to support the empowerment of the young people who attend Casetta Rossa's Italian as a foreign language course.

What advice would you give to other organisations in terms of achieving results with such activities and programmes?

Don't give up even when you seem to be lacking everything: time, money and resources. A positive example of someone who commits themselves and who uses knowledge for the benefit of the community can contains an invaluable, irrepressible and contagious energy in and of itself.