Shaping Europe together

In the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the EESC has played a very active role through its ad-hoc group and as observer in the Conference's executive board and member of the Plenary. The Committee released a Resolution on a new narrative for Europe, published several ideas on the Conference online platform, held several debates and launched a series of national consultations, organised by EESC members in cooperation with the EESC network and partners.

Following its kick-off event on 10 June 2021, the EESC will hold now a second event, in view of the closing of the Conference. The objective is to wrap up the work done so far, to discuss the state of the art, the challenges ahead and the ambitions for the future.

As house of the European organised civil society, the Committee is deeply committed to participatory democracy. The event will put together speakers and participants from different walks of life to discuss the future of Europe and the key role of civil society in it.


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For more information, click on the EESC webpage on the Conference on the Future of Europe.