Resource and Energy-Intensive Industries and the EU Recovery Plan

This online hearing organised by the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) will gather views from key industry stakeholders on how the EU Recovery Plan can support Resource and Energy-Intensive Industries (REEIs) in their socially acceptable transition towards de-carbonisation and digitalisation.

The ability of the REEIs to meet these objectives is key to the success of achieving the EU's established climate targets for 2030 and 2050. If properly used and addressed, the Recovery Plan can constitute a decisive element for the creation of the necessary infrastructures to guarantee the achievement of the REIIs objectives, from maintaining their current employment levels to creating new opportunities for quality and stable jobs, and thus surviving the consequences of the current crisis and ensuring their future sustainability.

The discussions will feed into the ongoing preparation work for the CCMI opinion on the REEIs and the EU Recovery Plan (CCMI 183). The opinion aims to define concrete guidelines and recommendations for the rapid application of the Recovery Fund to facilitate the implementation of the decarbonisation roadmaps that the different REEI industries have adopted, taking into account their specific needs and challenges.

If you desire to join this meeting, please contact us via until 2 July 2021.

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