Gender equality and youth in rural areas

Scope and objectives

On Wednesday 22 November (14:30 -16:30 CET), in line with its commitments to the Rural Pact, the European Economic and Social Committee will organise a thematic debate on gender equality and youth in rural areas during the next meeting of its Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment (NAT) planned

This debate will serve to shine a spotlight on the unique challenges faced by two integral demographics in rural areas: women and youth.

The panellists will engage in a dialogue that not only recognizes the hurdles but also propels us toward concrete solutions for a more inclusive and vibrant rural future. The event will be moderated by Mr Peter Schmidt, president of the NAT Section, and will be followed by a discussion with the NAT section members. The debate will immediately be followed by the discussion and vote on the EESC Own-initiative opinion on the Role of Youth in Rural Development.

This event will be webstreamed in 3 languages (EN/ FR/ DE). We invite you to follow this event through the webstreaming!


The Rural Pact, stemming from the Long-term Vision for the EU's Rural Areas, is a framework for cooperation between public authorities, civil society, businesses, academia and citizens, at the European, national, regional and local level aiming at the overall well-being of rural communities. This pact acknowledges the diverse needs of these areas and endeavours to create a comprehensive framework that ensures no region or citizen is left behind.

Despite the invaluable contributions they make, women in rural areas often encounter disparities in terms of access to resources, education, and economic opportunities. Similarly, the youth population grapples with issues ranging from limited employment prospects to a potential exodus from rural regions, contributing to depopulation.

In the context of the European Gender Equality Week, the debate aims to unravel these challenges and explore potential strategies for fostering gender equality and empowering the youth in rural communities.

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