Africa in Lisbon

"In the photographs I have selected, I am trying to convey the sensation I experienced when I first noticed the presence of Africa in Lisbon, translated into the colourful, expressive images that have imbued the city with a lively, cheerful air. From the start I was spell-bound by the tableau vivant, at once different and yet familiar, of the group of Africans in Largo de São Domingos. Fascinated above all by the visual dimension, I could not resist capturing the scene in photographs. But one day, when I was looking through my pictures, I asked myself: who are these people that I only see here, and where do they live? Over time, I discovered the presence of other Africans in Lisbon, Africans who were already an integral part of the daily life of the city, doing various jobs or walking along the streets with the assurance of people who felt at home. They too are the protagonists of my exhibition. And Largo de São Domingos is still a place where people gather together and socialise, though nowadays it is even more lively, with the familiar sights and sounds of an African market and no shortage of vegetable stall-holders."

Ana Carvalho (1952, Porto – Portugal)

Since 1985, in Lisbon, she devoted herself to literary translation and, at the same time, to her passion for photography. From 1994 to 2013, worked as a translator at the EESC. Currently lives in Almere (NL). In recent years has been increasingly engaged in photography and has had a number of exhibitions in Amsterdam, Brussels, Utrecht, Haarlem, Porto, Avintes, Matosinhos, Cascais and Lagoa.

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