Strategic vision for European standards

EESC opinion: Strategic vision for European standards

Key points:


  • finds that the adoption of common EU standards contributes to the development of a competitive single market;
  • finds that the time required to develop standards should be reduced in order to always reflect society's needs (reduction by 50% by 2020), without, however, this being carried out in a uniform fashion and without calling into question the necessary and sometimes lengthy consultation of stakeholders;
  • is of the opinion that participation in standardisation should be as important as participation in the legislative process. Greater participation by consumers, SMEs and other stakeholders is needed and can be achieved through financial support;
  • recognises the particularity of the ICT market and the need for a rapid definition of standards. A genuinely inclusive process should validate these standards;
  • considers it crucial for the EU interest to play a very active part in the international activities in the field of standardisation.

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