Single Market Communication

EESC opinion: Single Market Communication

Key points


  • welcomes the Commission's strong message on reinforcing the Single Market and the need for commitment from all Member States and citizens;
  • calls for a Single Market that must be perceived as an opportunity to reassert European values, fundamental rights and duties to achieve progress and welfare for all Member States and citizens;
  • reiterates its support for limiting state aid and fighting against abuse of dominant positions, emphasising the difficulties that European companies have competing on global markets with oligopolies or monopolies, which are state-owned in certain cases;
  • highlights the crucial role of the Single Market as a tool to boost a more ambitious European industrial strategy with clear objectives for 2030;
  • reiterates its call to develop the social dimension of the European Union;
  • considers it appropriate that social policies be implemented;
  • agrees with the Commission that GDPR is essential to ensure trust in the Single Market for personal data but additional measures for a better, clear and user-friendly framework must be taken to avoid unnecessary burdens and misunderstandings;
  • welcomes the clear progress in transforming the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) into a European Monetary Fund.

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