European civil society welcomes the victory of Maia Sandu in Moldova's presidential elections

Maia Sandu
Maia Sandu during a press conference on the results of EU-Moldova Association Council. (Brussels, Belgium. 30th Sep. 2019.) – © Shutterstock/Alexandros Michailidis

Statement by Christa Schweng, President of the European Economic and Social Committee and Dimitris Dimitriadis, President of the External Relations Section

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), a body representing organised European civil society, congratulates Maia Sandu on her election as sixth president of the Republic of Moldova and as the first female president in the country's history.

Having a pro-European Head of State in our neighbourhood is a very positive message for the whole European Union. It is an incentive for closer cooperation with the authorities and civil society of Moldova in accelerating progress and implementation of the roadmap for EU integration.

We see Ms Sandu's victory as a clear call by Moldovans to continue the fight against corruption and to restore the rule of law in their country. Not only are these Maia Sandu's highest priorities; they are also at the top of the EU's agenda in relation with Moldova.

The Committee praises the fact that despite the pandemic, the high turnout gives a strong mandate to Ms Sandu and emphasises the wish of the people of Moldova for a better future in a fairer society. Moldovans have chosen to pursue the European and democratic path and Europe will continue to stand by Moldova in its efforts towards modernisation, democratisation and rapprochement with the EU.

Members of the EESC wish Ms Sandu and her administration every success in implementing her ambitious reform agenda. The EESC is looking forward to further cooperation, through its dedicated civil society platform, with Moldovan civil society organisations on monitoring the EU-Moldova Association Agreement and on empowering civil society in decision- and policy-making.