Your Europe, Your Say! 2021

Young people's COP simulation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, YEYS 2020 was cancelled, and the EESC decided to move the exact same event to 2021, covering the same topic, with the same participating schools.

The YEYS 2021 edition will, therefore, model an international climate-change conference (COP).

Now more than ever, climate change is on everyone's mind, and young people all around the globe have been taking action to save the planet. The European Economic and Social Committee is joining the movement and wants to ask the young participants at YEYS about the best ways to protect our planet for the future.

The Committee is interested in hearing students' fresh ideas on how to deal with the current climate crisis and how to get closer to meeting the 2050 climate-neutral goals.

Students will be asked to represent a sector and negotiate with each other, in order to come up with recommendations to stop climate change.

These recommendations will be submitted to international environment policy-makers and discussed at conferences around Europe throughout the year.

During YEYS, the students will also be put in contact with international youth organisations that will help them translate these recommendations into tangible measures and make their voices heard.

Moderators and facilitators' TEAM:

Leen Schelfhout
Viktor Jósa
Adrián Tóth
Elias De Keyser



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