Meeting of the EESC's Western Balkans Follow-Up Committee

This years' meeting of the EESC's Western Balkans Follow-up Committee outside of Brussels took place on 24 May 2022 in the Delegation of the European Union in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and included a hearing with the civil society organisations (CSOs).

The goal of the hearing was to listen to the views on the role of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as to hear their concerns, and to convey these messages to the political authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of the EU.

The following topics were discussed at the hearing:

  • enabling civic space in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • the state of social dialogue
  • the state of the economy and the labour market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a special focus on youth
  • freedom of expression and media and the fight against disinformation



EESC Western Balkans Follow up Committee members