Debate on gender equality and youth in rural areas (in the context of the European Gender Equality Week)

14:30 | Debate
  • Martha Osorio and Ileana Grandelis, Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality Division of FAO: presentation of the CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment (GEWE) and CFS Youth Policy Recommendations
  • Blanca Casares, AEIDL,European Association for Innovation in Local Development: community-led innovations to empower rural women
  • Desirée de la Caridad Nieves, Runner-up of the COPA-COGECA Woman Innovation awards 2023: perspectives from a rural woman farmer
  • Anja Fortuna, ZSPM, Zveza Slovenske Podeželske Mladine, member of Rural Youth Europe: young women empowerment in rural areas

Q&A and debate with NAT Section Members 

16:20 | Video
  • Satellite Kitchens Video: how the food and food production in Greek rural areas can influence the entire life of women through the years