Single Market Act II

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EESC opinion: Single Market Act II

Key points:

The EESC believes that:

  • against the background of an ongoing economic crisis the Communication's optimistic tone seems inappropriate;
  • despite the Single Market's positive contribution to economic growth and the creation of new jobs, it has not delivered its full potential to all stakeholders (businesses, workers, consumers, citizens or others) and the Commission has paid too little attention to the unintended negative side-effects of the Single Market;
  • the better functioning of the Single Market by means of the old and new guidelines is under huge threat from the massive increase in the number of unemployed which is particularly affecting youth;
  • the Member States must step up their efforts to overcome the financial, economic and budgetary crisis and to release the full potential of the Single Market;
  • the Parliament, the Commission and the Council must act quickly, without affecting quality, in order to ensure that these legislative proposals are adopted before the end of the Parliament and Commission mandates in spring 2014;
  • as regards the posting of workers, the EESC suggests including a social progress protocol in the European Treaties aimed at clarifying the relationship between fundamental social rights and economic freedoms by confirming that the Single Market is not an end in itself, but was established in order to achieve social progress for all EU citizens;
  • the fast application of the measures proposed in the Communication on the Governance of the Single Market would be very much welcomed to improve the overall implementation of EU rules.

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