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VAT tax reform

A new VAT system for taxing trade between Member States must tap its full potential and limit any possible negative effects for the single market, says the European Economic and Social Committee in its recently adopted opinion on a proposal presented by the European Commission. Greater collaboration between national authorities and extensive communication by the Commission will be key to its successful implementation. Clarifications are needed on some proposed concepts and criteria and a common system for goods and services must follow as soon as possible.

Money laundering

In a recently adopted opinion, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) welcomes the European Commission's proposal to amend the European System of Financial Supervision (ESFS) with the objective of better tackling money laundering and terrorist financing in the European banking and financial sector, but calls for more comprehensive measures. These issues are, in its view, becoming increasingly dangerous in terms of the stability, safety and reputation of financial institutions and the financial sector as a whole. Additional measures are therefore of the utmost importance.


El Comité Económico y Social Europeo (CESE) acoge con satisfacción las propuestas de la Comisión Europea relativas a su plan de acción sobre el IVA, que aspira a modernizar el régimen del Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido (IVA) de la UE, aunque solicita al mismo tiempo que se aporten algunas modificaciones. Invita a los Estados miembros a hacer todo lo que esté en su mano para acometer las reformas propuestas y avanzar hacia el régimen definitivo del IVA en un plazo razonable.

Tax justice

The reporting mechanism will contribute to more tax justice and fair competition in the EU

The European Commission must set out more precise hallmarks for the proposed reporting obligations on cross-border tax arrangements and transactions in order to prevent subjective interpretation by taxpayers and tax authorities which could lead to over-reporting and administrative burdens, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) urges in its recently adopted opinion on disincentives to tax avoidance or evasion.