Study on asylum seekers and refugees settling in EU rural areas


The objective of the contract is to produce a study on the employment of asylum seekers and refugees in EU rural areas, with particular emphasis on the social economy. The two issues of refugees and rural areas have become increasingly important at both European level and in the Member States. Consequently, the EESC would like the study to offer insight into the link between the two topics, feeding into new EESC opinions and work.


The main aim of the study is to assess issues related to the employment of asylum seekers and refugees in EU rural areas. One of the objectives of the study is to find out whether employment could help refugees settle permanently in rural areas and thereby contribute to the development of these areas. In doing so, the study will also investigate whether social economy enterprises provide significant employment opportunities.

Languages/geographical area

The study should be carried out in English, and in at least three countries.


Send your expression of interest to participate or request for information to the following mail box (before the deadline mentioned below)


Friday, May 12, 2017 - 23:59