Recycling food packaging & food waste in plastics revolution


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) intends to conclude a service contract for a study on "Recycling food packaging & food waste in plastics revolution". The purpose of the study is to identify successful examples of and approaches to food packaging that take into account economic, environmental, legal and consumer safety considerations. It will also look at the possibility of such packaging materials to be recycled, reused as well as their role in avoiding food waste in line with the principles of the Circular Economy. The study will examine existing best practices in the EU and in third countries that could serve as strategic models and provide guidance for European businesses and industries, which use plastic food packaging. The study should take into account trends in current political debate/on the current political agenda and give a short overview of how the future political debate might evolve.

The study shall be prepared in English.

Indicative calendar

Launch of the invitation to tender: approximately second half of October 2019

  1. Deadline for offers: approximately end of October 2019.
  2. Contract award: estimated timing is November 2019.
  3. The final study is expected within 6 to 9 months following the signature of the contract.



Friday, October 18, 2019 - 11:59