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  • The 3rd Joint Meeting of the Domestic Advisory Groups (DAGs) under the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement featured updates on the activities of the Singapore and EU DAGs since the December 2021 meeting, as well as a topical discussion on EU-Singapore trade prospects in the current geopolitical landscape.

  • On 8 March 2023, the fifth meeting of the EU Domestic Advisory Group was held in a hybrid format. One of the objectives of the meeting was to prepare the European side for the upcoming joint meeting with the Singapore DAG.

  • Members of the EU DAG exchanged views with

    • Mr LIM Hong Huai, Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg & Mission to the European Union
    • Ms Nele CORNELIS, Executive Director, European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
  • A DAG-to-DAG is a joint civil society body between the partner countries of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), bringing together the separate DAGs of each party. This is the 2nd joint meeting of the EU and Singapore DAGs under the EU-Singapore FTA.

  • This meeting took place ahead of a possible joint meeting with the Singaporeans counterparts that might be organised by the end of this year. It also gave the EU DAG the opportunity to receive an update from DG Trade on the implementation of the TSD chapter as well as an overview of the current trade relations between the EU and Singapore.

  • This meeting was an excellent opportunity for a DG Trade timely update on the implementation of the Trade and Sustainable Development Chapter under the FTA, reinforcing the EU DAG commitment to support it.


  • The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) envisages that DAG members of each Party will meet together at a Civil Society Forum to conduct a dialogue encompassing sustainable development aspects of trade relations between the Parties. The Civil Society Forum meets once a year unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, with the venue alternating between Brussels and Singapore.

  • A DAG-to-DAG is a joint civil society body between the partner countries of a Free Trade Agreement, bringing together the separate DAGs of each party. This is the 1st joint meeting of the EU and Singapore DAGs under the EU-Singapore FTA.

  • Implementation of the TSD Chapter within the EU-Singapore FTA and the contribution by the economic, social and environmental civil society actors to its monitoring

    In this first workshop that gathers together the members of the EU DAG and Singapore DAG the focus will be on the consultation of civil society in the context of policy and legislation development and implementation, including in the context of trade policy, trade agreements and Trade and Sustainable Development chapters.

  • During the meeting on 18 November 2020 the EU DAG members will discuss the work programme for the first mandate, agree on the working methods as well as elect the chair and two vice-chairs.