Seldia - the European Direct Selling Association

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Seldia - the European Direct Selling Association
Increasing clients' trust in the quality of the products/services; Improving sector's image; Raising industry standards; Using it as a marketing tool; Enhancing the level of information; Improving sector's image; Avoiding government regulation. The Code concerns the relations between direct selling companies and direct sellers, between direct sellers, and between direct selling companies. The Code is aimed at the protection of direct sellers, the promotion of fair competition in the framework of free enterprise, the ethical representation of the direct selling industry's earning opportunity and the enhancement of the public image of direct selling, which is to sell quality products on fair terms and conditions to consumers. The Directive 97/7/EC considers that "it is important for the minimum binding rules contained in this Directive to be supplemented where appropriate by voluntary arrangements among the traders concerned, in line with Commission recommendation 92/295/EEC of 7 April 1992 on codes of practice for the protection of consumers in respect of contracts negotiated at a distance". It also considers that "in the interest of optimum consumer protection it is important for consumers to be satisfactorily informed of the provisions of this Directive and of codes of practice that may exist in this field". As a consequence, Article 16 provides that "Member States shall take appropriate measures to inform the consumer of the national law transposing this Directive and shall encourage, where appropriate, professional organisations to inform consumers of their codes of practice". Together with the European direct selling Code of conduct towards consumers, it forms the European Code of Conduct for Direct Selling.

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European Codes of Conduct for Direct Selling