European Distance Selling Trade Association (EMOTA)

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European Distance Selling Trade Association (EMOTA)
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Increasing clients' trust in the quality of the products/services; Improving sector's image. Distance selling companies are convinced that they play an important part in creating an integrated European Market. Within the limitations of the commercial proposal the consumer will be able to more easily purchase goods and services in countries other than his/her own. This will be enhanced and furthered by the possibilities offered by the electronic means of communication in terms of more direct contact and dialogue. The consumer has to be clearly informed about his/her rights and obligations, about the modalities of delivery and payment. It is essential that professional rules of conduct in addition to European and national regulations be laid down governing the (cross border) dealings between consumer and company. The Convention covers such aspects as offer, delivery, substitution of goods, data protection, cross-border transactions, disputes.

Description of the Initiative

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European Convention on Cross Border Mail Order and Distance Selling