European Elections 2024: Why vote?

This brochure brings you the highlights of the EESC's Connecting EU 2023 seminar, held in Bratislava in November 2023 under the title "European Elections 2024: Why vote?"

The idea od the seminar was to explore how the EESC and its network of 90 million people – employers', workers' and other civil society organisations, including many representing young people – can help boost the turnout by mobilising their members to go and vote. The seminar's three panels revolved around three topics that will be crucial for the election campaign – disinformation, winning hearts and minds of European voters and young people.

The EESC "Connecting EU" seminar is an annual event mainly directed to communication professionals working for civil society organisations.  Every year, it focuses on a topic that has captured the attention of media in Europe and engages journalists, academics, experts and civil society in debate.

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European Elections 2024: Why vote?