Civil Society Media Seminar 2018 – Reasserting Europe's values

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The 12th Civil Society Media Seminar, organised at the Aegli Zappiou in Athens, Greece, on 22-23 November 2018, looked in three panels at burning issues such as multiculturalism, growing nationalism and illiberalism and declining solidarity, which are challenging the values Europe is based on. The first panel addressed "European values vs extremist ideologies", the second looked at "European liberal democracy facing growing moves towards illiberal democracy in some Member States", and finally the third explored "The role of organised civil society in defending a democratic, value-based, united Europe". Panellists, coming from media, academic and civil society brought in their insights and debated with participants of what is at stake and how we can defend Europe's values. Furthermore, representatives of the Greek government, the Greek Economic and Social Council, the Austrian EU presidency, Greek Civil Society and the EESC shared their views on how to reassert Europe's values.

The summaries of all contributions can be found in this brochure.

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Civil Society Media Seminar 2018 – Reasserting Europe's values

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