Upgrading inclusive, secure and trustworthy digitalisation for all

EESC opinion: Upgrading inclusive, secure and trustworthy digitalisation for all


  • recommends that in pursuing inclusivity, governments put in place comprehensive strategies, supporting measures and legislation that is adequate and proportionate, to ensure the interoperability, quality, human-centricity, transparency, security, safety and the accessibility of digital public services and products, as well as optimal access to health, education and economic and cultural opportunities;
  • recognises that digitalisation can provide both opportunities and threats for businesses and governments should provide adequate financial support, including through EU funds to businesses of all sizes, especially SMEs;
  • recommends that work practices such as remote working be implemented with full consideration for work-life balance;
  • recommends that Member States work more closely together on the development and validation of digital solutions, leading to a network for sharing best practices;
  • recommends an EU-wide review of government policies and measures to engage the relevant stakeholders in proposing effective measures based on social justice;
  • recommends strengthening the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA), as a pre-condition for a digital transformation that is trustworthy and where consumers can make choices in a truly open and competitive market;
  • emphasises that equity and social dialogue should always be the guiding principles for implementing digital and green technologies.