Traineeship Directive and a Reinforced Quality Framework for Traineeships

Practical information


The 2014 Council Recommendation on a Quality Framework for Traineeships (QFT) was to help young people to transition from education, unemployment or inactivity into the labour market, through quality traineeships that enhance their skills and allow them to gain work experience. It includes 21 quality principles, along 10 key dimensions, for traineeships outside education curricula that can ensure high-quality learning content and adequate working conditions.

On 10 January 2023, the Commission published an evaluation of the 2014 QFT assessing its effectiveness and relevance to address current needs. While confirming the relevance of the 2014 QFT and its principles, the evaluation identified scope for revising the framework and a need to reflect on the different types of traineeships covered by the 2014 QFT. As announced in its 2023 Work Programme, the Commission intends to present an initiative on a reinforced quality framework for traineeships, which will include a comprehensive approach to updating and revising the 2014 QFT.