Towards a greater involvement of Member States, Regions and Civil Society actors in the implementation of the Long-Term Vision for the EU's Rural Areas

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The measures of the rural action plan and rural pact adopted by the European Commission in 2022 are considered positive advancements for sustainable rural/urban development. The Rural Pact aims to amplify rural voices, placing them prominently on the political agenda. It seeks to structure collaboration and mutual learning while encouraging and monitoring voluntary commitments for action. However, stronger political commitments seem necessary at the European, national, and regional levels to support the long-term vision for rural areas.

The proposed initiative aims to provide recommendations for updating the EU Rural Action Plan to address the challenges faced by rural areas in Europe. It seeks to support existing initiatives, define specific priorities for each rural territory, promote multi-level partnership and governance involving rural stakeholders, establish an implementation timeline, and provide recommendations to European institutions for the development and implementation of the action plan in member states. The goal is to ensure strong political commitment and adequate support for the economic, social, and environmental development of rural areas. The proposed opinion also aims to suggest avenues for better financing and address the economic dimension of rural development.

It particularly aims to support the integration of rural territories into the post-2027 cohesion policy and the future rural development plan, emphasizing the need to address the economic challenges faced by rural areas and promote their prosperity in the broader context of European policies related to cohesion, agriculture, environment, energy, innovation, digital access, mobility, social situation, skill development, and employment.