State of the Energy Union 2021

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EESC section opinion: State of the Energy Union 2021

Practical information

  • Composition of Study Group
  • Administrator: Alessandro RIZZI, Assistant: Jacqueline NYEMA  
  • Foreseen for the EESC Section: 02 May 2022
  • Foreseen for the EESC Plenary session: 18-19 May 2022

Gist of the Commission document

The State of the Energy Union report takes stock of change and of progress in the implementation of the European Union (EU) energy and climate policies, including the Energy Union across its five pillars, on the road to climate neutrality by 2050.

The current year heralds a decade widely considered to be decisive for the fight against climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, driven by natural resources depletion. It also marks an important passage from the Covid-19 crisis to economic recovery and from setting out the European Green Deal and its accompanying strategies to moving decisively to implementation.

This year’s report is also published against the background of a sharp spike in gas and electricity prices in the European Union as in many other areas of the world. Investing in the transformation of the energy system is part of the solution on the path to climate neutrality and a response to the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.