Socially responsible financial products

EESC opinion: Socially responsible financial products

Key points:



  • feels that in the post crisis world it is necessary to offer investment in companies with social and ethical values to win back the public's confidence in the financial markets;
  • sees a positive link between the social and financial ratings of institutions offering socially responsible investment funds;
  • calls on the Commission and the Member States to encourage the development of SRI in order to facilitate the "standardisation" and consolidation of the current management systems for these products promoting transparent information, comparability in the analysis of investors, technical training and the exchange of best practices;
  • advocates launching specific finance-related promotional and educational initiatives: publications, training or setting up specialised websites and teaching financial subjects in schools and colleges;
  • feels that public bodies should put their weight behind moves to encourage investment in socially responsible funds through the creation of appropriate tax and financial regulations as well as public procurement itself.