The Single Market Act - identifying missing measures

EESC opinion: The Single Market Act - identifying missing measures

Key points

     The EESC:

  • draws the Commissions attention to the fact that there are more obstacles to the Single Market today than when it was established;
  • believes that the EU's economic line needs to be redirected. The crisis has had a heavy impact on citizens, who expect their sacrifices to result in new perspectives. In this respect, the adoption and implementation of the Single Market Act I and II initiatives are considered to be too slow;
  • emphasises the need for concrete measures to combat any kind of poverty caused by the financial crisis;
  • reiterates its call for Member States to demonstrate their ownership of these measures through proper implementation and enforcement. A future-proof Single Market must be built on a sustainable, highly competitive economy based on sustainable processes and products, a decent working environment and on innovation;
  • considers it important to put the EU's 500 million citizens at the heart of the Single Market;
  • points out that initiatives under the SMA I and II must be coordinated with the measures and steps undertaken to strengthen EMU (FiscalPact, ESM, Euro plus, etc.);
  • finally, believes that negotiations on free trade agreements should be used to enforce the level playing field while maintaining high standards of consumer, environmental and social protection.


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