Security Industrial Policy

EESC opinion: Security Industrial Policy

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Key points:

The EESC considers it essential to have an integrated European policy for the security industry, underpinned by a coordinated approach to tackling the challenges of the industry, a common strategy and a shared vision of its competitive development, in a unified European market.


In order to competitively reinvigorate this industry, the EESC considers it vital to develop:

  • an internal dimension of full single market interoperability;
  • priority actions per type of product and service;
  • the dimension of reliable access to international markets, with enhanced international protection of industrial property rights (IPR);
  • the possibility of equal access to maritime routes for all European manufacturers so they can export their products to international markets;
  • integrated and joint actions across the various sectors of security and civil protection;
  • the societal and ethical dimension of security-related technological applications, with full protection of the privacy of citizens; and
  • the training and professional dimension of human resources.

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