Mid-term review of the Copernicus programme (2014-2020) (report)

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EESC opinion: Mid-term review of the Copernicus programme (2014-2020) (report)

Key points


  • welcomes the results achieved so far by the Copernicus programme;
  • considers the participation of civil society in the definition of spatial strategies and programmes indispensable;
  • declares its interest and willingness to play an active role for establishing a real European Space Community;
  • welcomes specially designated Masters programmes, supporting some European university students studying for a Masters degree on Copernicus;
  • hopes that priority will be given to European launchers to protect European industry against unfair practices through the principle of reciprocity;
  • welcomes the governance model adopted for the Copernicus programme, in particular the creation of the user forum;
  • recommends strengthening security safeguards to ensure data protection from increasingly frequent attacks and speeding up programmes aimed at cleaning up debris and satellites that are no longer operational;
  • advocates greater involvement of the financial system and investors in space activities;
  • recommends keeping and possibly reinforcing funding for the Copernicus programme.

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