Interim Evaluation of FP7/R&D

EESC opinion: Interim Evaluation of FP7/R&D



Key points:

The Committee welcomes the report of the Expert Group and recommends in particular that:

-         the budget for supporting research and innovation be increased to reflect the stated importance and weight of this area in the 2020 strategy,

-         support be concentrated on those tasks, the success of which depends on trans-national cooperation,

-         collaborative research be retained and strengthened,

-         major infrastructures be included in support,

-         greater emphasis be given to "key enabling technologies",

-         greater participation of hitherto under-represented Member States be facilitated,

-         at least 20% of the overall programme budget should be available for R&D governed by the European Research Council,

-         administrative procedures be simplified and consideration given to a moratorium on new instruments.

The Committee appeals to the Member States to definitely fulfil their "3% obligation" and with regard to the terminology used in the report, suggests using the concept of "science for knowledge".

Lastly, the Committee endorses the assessment made in the report of the Expert Group on the Risk-Sharing Finance Facility (RSFF), which it considers to be a very helpful financial instrument that encourages innovation.