Harmonised river information services – revision of EU rules

Practical information:

Composition of the Drafting Group

António RIBEIRO PEREIRA (administrator), Virginie ANDRÉ (assistant)

TEN Section: 4 April 2024

EESC Plenary: 24-25 April 2024



The initiative to revise Directive 2005/44/EC is tied-in with key objectives of current European Union policy. According to the European Green Deal, a substantial part of the 75% of inland freight carried today by road should shift onto rail and inland waterways. Similarly, the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy underlined the need to increase the use of more sustainable transport modes, and indicated that inland waterway transport and short-sea shipping should increase by 25% by 2030 and by 50% by 2050.

General objective of the initiative is to provide an efficient and effective framework for the deployment and use of harmonised river information services in the Union. This framework is to support inland waterway transport, with a view to boost its uptake, enhance safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness, to reduce negative externalities and to facilitate interfaces with other transport modes.